A strata manager and a property manager are often confused. They both have very different kinds of job. A property manager is responsible for the management of individual property. He showcases the property to prospective buyers or tenants and does the negotiations between the owner and the customer.  

In case of a rental property, a property manager collects the rents and solves the disputes between the two parties. Though the jobs of strata managers are quite same, but they work for a block of properties. As there is more than one owner, it is necessary to manage them all for the benefit of the property. There is a range of work that a strata manager of a  most trusted strata management company undertakes.

A strata manager does the administrative job:

A block of property not only has many owners, but also tenants. It is very much important to maintain and manage the property with the cooperation of all of them. This is the sole job of the strata manager. He answers the queries of the owners and the tenants. It is his duty to provide necessary information to prospective tenants. A strata manager keeps the records of owners and tenants. He is responsible for Sydney property maintenance, like repairing necessary parts, arrangement for cleaning the property properly. He always keeps a sharp eye on the property for the sake of its betterment. He will arrange for the repainting service even. The manager arranges for meetings with the owners and the tenants and collects fees for maintenance. They keep record of the things which are being done for maintenance of the property.

Social responsibilities:

As block properties are inhabited by many people and all are not same, it is necessary to impose some rules to bring them under one umbrella. He not only prepares the rules but also communicates these clearly to all the people in the property. He will mediate between owners and others for better management. Sometimes, old laws are not in compliance with the present situation. A strata manager modifies the laws to make them compliant with present. A strata manger arranges for social and cultural events and also spread the information to the residents.

Financial responsibilities:

Maintaining a property with many owners is very difficult. Maintenance needs money and all the owners must pay for the maintenance. It is the responsibility of the strata manager to collect the money from everyone for the maintenance. The strata manager also prepares the budget and monitors the invoices.